Mitch Rawlyk

G'day, my name is Mitch.I'm an earth systems scientist (BSc.), meteorological data scientist (MSc.), farmer, artist, entrepreneur, data storyteller, and advocate & practitioner of nature based regenerative solutions.For the past 4 years, I have been:
• learning to grow all my own and my family's food and planting lots of trees at Moose's Groovy Grove, and having fairly good success with it.
• helping people understand their geographic and climatic context to help them grow more and better food.
• developing and working towards operationalizing novel AI frost prediction models.
• developing climate and weather based visualization software.
• working with the folks at Verge Permaculture and 5th World to bring regenerative solutions to the world by acting as an educator, product manager, business intelligence analyst, consultant, and researcher & data scientist.

I'm open to working and collaborating with anyone who wants to make the world a better place by turning the downward trajectory we are on as a collective society into an upward spiral of abundance.Book a free discovery call with me HERE.

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